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November 20th incident: extrajudical persecution by the authorities
of Ukraine -

Despite the incident, service is operable by the schedule.
However, no assets are located in Ukraine anymore
ADMIN 11-15 GMT (ex.SA) WAIT 16m
OPERATOR 11-19 GMT (SA:15-19) WAIT 16m
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Need own phone number for SMS verifications?

VIRTUALSIM.net can help you!

15h/day (07-22 GMT)
  • 07-22 GMT
  • Served by operator
  • Dedicated SIM
Clean SIM card
  • 11-19 GMT (Sa:15-19)
  • Served by operator
  • SIM only for you
One session
  • 11-19 GMT (Sa:15-19)
  • Served by operator
  • Shared SIM card
  • Telegram, Google: $7
Ordnial services only
  • 11-19 GMT (Sa:15-19)
  • Served by operator
  • Shared SIM card
  • 1st:full price, 2nd+:half
  • Telegram, Google: $12
For business services
  • 11-19 GMT (Sa:15-19)
  • Served by operator
  • Shared SIM card
  • 1st:full price, 2nd+:half
Personal dedicated, fully or partially, phone numbers of Ukraine, Russia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan to register and keep any web service with SMS verification
Reliable - you will not lose your number; your number will never be re-sold or re-used
Personally yours - we do not re-sell and re-use numbers even if you ordered one-time activation
Accessible every day from 11am till 7pm (11:00-19:00) GMT (15-19 on Saturdays), various contacts options
Even more accessible - "extended" plan provides 15 hours a day service (7am-10pm GMT)
24 hours a day - for users of automatic numbers (temporarily limited, ask)
Inexpensive subscription from $6 per year, from $2 per one-time activation, SMS are free (Telegram and Google are more costly)
Trusted - working since autumn of 2014; solid customers base
Simple and fast - order form, web panel, live operator dialogue mode on demand
Real SIM cards - physical SIM cards of cellular operators are used

We offer a set of pricing plan for personal, marketing and business purposes:

  • updated: February, 17th, 2021
  • General provisions
    • SIM cards of various countries - Russia (+7), Ukraine (+380), Cambodia (+855), Kazakhstan (+7 7)
    • Every registration is exclusive, even if it is onetime order
    • SMS processed manually by operator, from 11 to 19 GMT, on Saturdays - from 15 to 19
    • Web panel for requesting the numbers and receiving SMS
    • Voice codes reception is possible, but sometimes it will take an additional cost because of roaming (consult with operator)
    • Longtime numbers can be prolongated
    • One-year pricing plans are intended for the possibility of re-verification in case of necessity. Plans are not intended for 2FA and other frequent SMS reception. In case of an excessive usage (everyday during lasting period), you will be offered to switch to per-month payment ($3, like Business plan) or, if you need wider time range, to Extended plan.
  • EXTENDED - $15 per month
    • SIM cards of Cambodia are dedicated, cards of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are not
    • For registrations of non-business services (Cambodia) or any services (other countries)
    • For ordering a non-dedicated number for specific services, contact operator
    • Extended service time - from 7am till 10pm GMT (7:00-22:00)
  • DEDICATED (one year) - $24 per year
    • SIM cards of Cambodia
    • Dedicated SIM card for ordinal services registrations (non-business)
  • ORDINAL - $6 per year for one service
    • SIM cards of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Cambodia
    • If more than one service registered, each next costs $3 per year
    • Shared SIM card for general (non-business) services registrations
      ("shared" means that someone else can use same number for registering some OTHER services)
    • Telegram and Google registrations cost $12 (because SIM card cost and support are included)
  • BUSINESS - $3 per month for one service
    • SIM cards of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
    • SIM cards of Cambodia are not provided for anything related to payments or trade
    • Each next service (if more than one purchased) is $1.50 per month
    • Shared SIM card for business services registrations
      ("Shared" means that someone else may have ANOTHER services registered on the same SIM card)
    • It is strictly forbidden to use service for scams and thefts
    • Registration of Qiwi with Russian numbers, as well as Easypay (Ukraine only), is temporarily unavailable, out of stock
  • ONETIME - $2 per service
    • SIM cards of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, UK, Sweden
    • Single session usage for receiving one or several SMS to register one web service
    • Number might be requested again during the business time of the day of usage
    • Number CAN NOT be requested again for SMS reception
    • Once your service is registered, though it's onetime, number will never be re-used by us to register the same service again, neither sold to the third party
    • Telegram and Google registration costs $7 (because SIM cost is included)
  • AUTOMATIC - $20 per month
    • SIM cards of Cambodia, 24 hours a day access through Airdroid application
    • Two SIM cards are $35
    • This plan is limited and can be ordered only via chat or tickets
    • Anything related to SIM cards and Internet business, ask what you need and we will tell you whether we can provide it
    • Mediation and escrow in purchasing non-criminal goods and services in Russian language Internet segment. It is pretty rich on goods but all in Russian. We can help for a price from $10 to 15% of the items required. Domains, hostings, servers, proxies, virtual cards etc
    • CRAFTED VPN - private, bidirectional, stunnel, as well as ordinary shared; VPS based - visit ForGetMyIP.com >>
    • Private VPS based proxies setup and maintenance
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We accept
PerfectMoney (perfectmoney.is)
We DO NOT accept
Everything not listed above, especially paypals, cards, skrills etc
WebMoney is NOT accepted as well
Our customers have used our service to register in more than 300 web-services