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About the project

Virtualsim.net provides physical SIM cards leasing for SMS verifications.
Service was established in Ukraine in 2014 as a hobby, and gained popularity in a couple of years.
Why to use our service
  • You may need many accounts for the Internet marketing to promote and advertise your goods and services
  • You may order a SIM card for personal use to be able to recover your accounts
    - you should not go to the shop to buy a card, just order it on site
    - you may not worry about SIM card loss - we keep it safe and refill balance if necessary
    - you can use your number anywhere anytime (*worktime restrictions applied)
    - in some cases it is cheaper to rent a card from us than buy it yourself
    - you don't need to put SIM cards into the phone, use the access panel instead
  • Keep your personal mobile number off the mobile SMS spam, use ours instead
  • You may need the SIM card of a particular country to access this country's web services
  • Whatever other legal reasons