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About the project

SMS verifications, SMS confirmations of money transfers, SMS when you entering Google and other attempts to gather your personal phone numbers - is one of the most annoying and privacy worrying new feature of the Internet.
If you can't buy SIM-card anonymously, you have to pass your realname and address along with location information to authorities, who might be interested in prosecuting you for your realization of right for freedom of speech and self-expression in the Net.
One person - one account - another problem, created by SMS verifications. People with active internet lifestyle and variety of activities can't put all their virtual lives inside the single account, can't put all the money into the single wallet. Sometimes it is not wise and safe to unite all the activities under one name. Thus, you have "your number is already registered", and you need to buy new SIM cards, keep it and top up the balance.
Using VPNs and other IP masking services causes Google, Facebook, electronic wallets to shit bricks and demand your personal phone number and SMS from it. The same happens when you are travelling worldwide and connecting to the Internet from various countries.
The idea of helping other with anonymous phone numbers appeared a year ago, in early 2014. That was very private service for my friends in Russia. They wanted to realize their freedom of speech without the consequences. Phone numbers in Russia are not anonymous (unless you can buy unofficial), and even like or repost can lead to jail if you put like or reposted something "politically incorrect".
In the fall of 2014, I decided to open the service for everyone who needs it, thanks to Bitcoin as a way to eliminate all the state borders.
2015: The future of service is in hiring operators for 24x7 service; it's not possible for now by financial reasons; automation is not a solution for large number of people who need to receive SMS once per month or even rarely. Besides, manual service allows to hide IP even from us.
Right now we are testing automatic service too; free SMS receiving feature will appear soon, for advertising purposes. Then we'll present a service for sending and receiving SMS for those who need to do it in bulk.
For now, it's a small Internet shop, working with dinner time breaks, sleep breaks and other breaks when operator needs to go afk. But it works properly and serves good, helping you to preserve your anonymity and not to loose your accounts registered on numbers you've bought from us.
2018: In three years our service has grew out from small Internet shop to big site with solid client base and several operators. Unless the main operational method is "manual", i.e., operator puts your SIM card into the phone to get SMS, we offer automatic around the clock access services using modems or smartphones. Manual mode is still much in demand, because usually there is no need to receive SMS intensively. We also still have limited working schedule, but that's serves good enough for you to not lose your web-servces accounts when SMS verification is required.
To have Anonymous phone number for SMS verifications is not enough for protecting your privacy online. To hide yourself completely, you need VPN (we can also provide it and customize for your needs - shadow connection, dedicated IP, dedicated channel; along with proxies) or TOR (TOR over VPN is even better). The site is HTTPS enabled. You can also contact us via secure channels using OTR for Jabber and ICQ.
Stay anonymous! Have your life and business thriving! If you'll need an anonymous phone, just ask.
Sincerely yours, VirtualSIM!