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How service works?
All the process goes in dialogue mode with human operator or via web panel

If you have purchased number with long-time support, you get access to it via web panel. Enter your account, go to "My phones" page and ask to turn your number on. As SMS arrives, it will appear on this page.

If you need one or several one-time numbers, contact human operator using messengers or site chat. Operator will proccess your order and give you number, receive SMS and pass you the code from it.
How to order the number?
Contact human operator using messengers or site chat.
Specify your order details: what are you going to register (Gmail, Whatsapp etc), and how will you pay for the service (Bitcoin, Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies, Webmoney or PerfectMoney).
Specify also your specific demands if any (voice code reception, outgoing SMS etc).
Operator will choose the number for your needs and give you address for payment.
Then you will get your number. All the procedure takes several minutes.
Then see "How service works?"
What other services do you provide?
Please, specify what do you need.
While Russian Internet markets provides bunch of useful services, but your Russian language is so bad as their English, we can help you to order product and services - domains, hostings, proxies etc - for extra 15% of its cost (minimum $10), and be the escrow for such purchases.
Won't you resell my number to somebody else?
No. Your registration will be unique and never be re-used for anybody else. Even if you buy one-time or bulk service.

Also we don't resell SIM cards. We can destroy it or stop to prolongate.

Theoretically, several years may pass before your registration will be re-used. After stopping the prolongation (3 month to year or more), number being conserved by cellular operator for 6 months to one year. After this it may be re-issued, and bought by somebody, and used to register the service you did.
Can I extend term of one year number?
Sure. If you left your contacts, we even remind you about this. If no, numbers do not being destroyed after service end, so you have time to ask for prolongation.
What if my number lost?
We are trying to prevent such incidents, but some force majeure situation still possible. SIM card of Russia or Ukraine might be stolen by third party using cellular operator. Cellular operator may block card by reason unknown. And, exceptionally, card might be lost physically.

In such cases you can count on moneyback or number substitution for one year (or other term you've purchased it for) from date of substitution.
What is "dedicated number" and why it costs more?
If you want to have number exclusively for you, the new unused one, we can provide such number. It will not be used for anybody else even if you register only one or several web-services with it.
Can I test the service before pay?
Our service works good, we've tested it, no, thanks.
Yes, it's possible, but we can refuse with no explanations.
What if SMS didn't come?
If no SMS on your registration, we can offer another cellular operator or other country to get it. If service which sends SMS is temporary not working, we can do it later.

Please, note that SMS may not be delivered timely or not delivered at all if sent from small web-services or hosting and domain selling services. It depends on their mechanism of SMS verifications sending

If no SMS delivered, we can return your payment, but later we can deny the service if you will need to retry, because we spent some time for this and don't want to do it for free again.
I still have questions
You can ask questions personally using TICKETS SYSTEM, or in CHAT WITH OPERATOR, or publicly using our GUESTBOOK