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General site usage sequence
  1. New order: choose plan, make login and password, check for available numbers, waiting time, select if need to allocate numbers immediately (if operator is online), choose payment method (if not enough balance)
  2. For new clients: auto-login using your new login and password
  3. Autopayment from balance if enough
  4. Pay the invoice, notify about your payment
  5. Automatic (BTC,LTC,DASH) or manual payment confirmation by operator
  6. Query the number allocation; operator allocates the number
  7. Turn on and get SMS in your "PANEL"
  8. In case of any problems, write a ticket or request chat
Site map
  • Signup / Profile - account creation, set localtime, language, additional information, Telegram bot access (under construction)
    (!) account also will be created automatically along with your first order (New order)
  • New order - choose plan, payment, numbers allocation
  • Orders - your orders list
  • Invoices - list of your invoices, creating invoice for BALANCE REFILL
  • Balance - log of your payments and expenses
  • PANEL - your control panel: turn on numbers, read SMS, prolongate expired
  • Chatroom: chat with operator in worktime
  • Tickets: correspondence with operator, notifications from operator
  • Currency rates to U.S.Dollar for cryptocurrencies and RUR (used to calculate payments, taken from Poloniex and Central Bank of Russia)
  • Guestbook - guestbook for feedbacks
How to order phone number?
  • First of all, state all the necessary parameters of your order (country of phone number if matters, services from which are you going to get SMS if number is not dedicated, quantity of numbers, timeframe of the service, your login and password if you are new here, and payment method)
  • Usually, after the payment you should request the allocation of number and it's turning on; if operator is online, you can check boxes for immediate allocation and immediate turning on
  • In process of ordering you can see whether we have numbers available for you, and how long should you wait till the order will be processed, if no operators online right now
  • If there are no numbers suitable for you, order will not be accepted; contact the operator to specify your requirements, make some pre-payment if needed, and it will take several days to order and get new SIM cards
  • Services are subdivided onto ORDINAL and BUSINESS. Read about the difference here
  • Select all the required services from select menu one by one, and it will be added below; to delete any, click the red cross near the selected service
  • If there is no service you need (please, check in both ORDINAL and BUSINESS lists), go to if service is not in list »» page and add it there.
    Your submission will be reviewed by operator and added if relevant; if you are logged in, you will get notification through the ticket.
  • For extra $10 you can reserve all the number for yourself; select "Dedicated SIM (+$10)". See details in What is "dedicated number"?
  • Attention! Telegram registration prices differs - the cheapest onetime is Kazakhstan ($1), then Russia and Ukraine ($3), then Poland and Latvia ($10); one year is $5 for Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, and $12 for Poland and Latvia (differentiation caused by demand and SIM card self-cost)
  • We accept payments only in cryptocurrency, PerfectMoney, Qiwi. If you have no any of these tools, you wouldn't be able to pay and get service.
  • For special conditions (particular cellular operator, bulk order, voice codes reception etc), contact operator before the ordering to clarify everything
  • PAYMENT will happen automatically if you have money on your balance, otherwise the invoice will be created. Once you've paid, notify the operator about this. BTC, LTC and DASH are checked automatically, so the transaction id is required; others are manual. Stay on the same page and wait; it reloads automatically
  • ALLOCATION - after the payment confirmation, if you haven't selected immediate allocation, you should press button for allocation. Operator will get your request in his panel and process it; it may take up to 5-10 minutes.
  • Allocated number will appear in your PANEL, where you can turn it on, read SMS and prolongate if expired.
  • If something went wrong, operator will contact you through the tickets.
What other services do you provide?
  1. VPN and Proxy services, VPS based: shared (like popular VPN providers), dedicated channels, sTunnel connection, dedicated IP, bi-directional IP (you can make server on your computer with IP masked), other custom configuration on demand.
  2. Web-services registration with SMS verifications on your behalf (for extra fee)
  3. Proxy and escrow for the purchases on Russian language Internet marketplaces, non-criminal items, products and services from Russian language web services. The fee is 15% ($10 minimum) of purchase cost, including escrow (scam safe for you).
  4. Other services - specify what do you need and we shall tell you whether we can help.
Won't you resell my number to someone else?
  • No, every web-service registration is unique, even for one-time usage, and will never be re-used
  • We're also don't resell physical SIM cards after usage; they either no more prolongated and dies, or destroyed physically.

    Hypothetically, it is possible your service to be overtaken if dead number would be re-issued by cellular operator and sold to someone as new. Several years may pass, but we didn't face such a situations yet.
Can I extend term of one year number?
Sure. If you left your contacts, we even remind you about this (this option is under construction). If no, number might not be destroyed after the leasing period, but not for sure. Please, ask for the prolongation before the time or not long time ago afterYou can prolongate your number automatically by visiting "Expired" tab in your PANEL. There is also an information about SIM card expiration date. Dead SIM cards can be theoretically restored in some cases, but its self-cost starts from $30.
What if my number lost or get dead?
We are maintaining our numbers park periodically, checking for physical presence and prolongating or performing paid actions according to cellular operators' rules.
Some force majeure situation might occur, like third party remote SIM theft using cellular operator insider (for Russian and Ukrainian numbers), or number might be blocked by operator for reason other than non-prolongation. Physical SIM card loss is an exception for us.

Independent from the reason your card has been lost, we offer moneyback or substitution for the term you've ordered the number, counting from the moment of loss.) With very low probability, number might be restored
What is "dedicated number"?
If you want your number not to be used for other clients to register their other web-services, you can secure all the number for you. Otherwise, number is shared (for example, if you have purchased number for Yahoo, you might get the number where other clients' Telegrams or Googles already present)
Making the number exclusive for you costs extra $10 (or included in particular pricing plans)
Can I test the service before pay?
Our service working good, we've tested it, thanks.
Yes, it's possible but depends on circumstances. If we unsure about successful reception, we offer you to test it before ordering.
What if no SMS coming?
Contact operator, we will try to replace number, change cellular operator or country, to get the positive result. We are using real physical SIM cards, so there's should not any problems to occur.
If service which sends SMS is temporary not working, we can do it later.

Please note that SMS could be delayed or not delivered properly from small Web sites or and domain sellers or hosting providers because of their SMS delivery system.

If result still negative, it is assumed you will get money back, but then we shall refuse to retry because of time expenses.
How many SMS I can receive on my longterm number?
Pricing plans are intended for irregular SMS reception. If you need it regular, more than once a week (2-3 times a week for Business plans), you can lease an automatic line or negotiate a surcharge with the operator (~$0.50 per SMS session). No surcharge taken in case of unintended event.
Business or Ordinal service - what the difference?
Business web-services are all related to finances. Others are considered as Ordnial. But not all finances-related services are in Business list, some of them considered as Ordinal so you can order it by the price of Ordinal
I still have questions
Operator is available for chat at worktime (daily, from 11am till 3pm GMT except Saturdays) in CHATROOM or via messengers (Telegram @virtualsim, Jabber vsim@xmpp.jp)
You can also email us to support at virtualsim.net (checked once a day) or CREATE TICKET. Your feedbacks are welcome in GUESTBOOK
Operator on duty can process your ticket or number request, if applicable. Strict worktime is not defined, but usually it's 2-4 hours before and after the main worktime, and also on Saturday.