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■ Payments in QIWI are NOT accepted anymore (frequent wallets blocking); please, use BestChange.com/ru for exchange to any other currency we accept. Thank you!
■ Minimal payment in Bitcoin is $100. Please, use other currencies if possible
■ Dear clients! In order to receive verification codes from Telegram as SMS, on any number of any country YOU MUST USE MOBILE TELEGRAM APPLICATION! If you don't have such a possibility, please write us a ticket with request to help with registration. We do it for free!

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  1. If the service you want to register is not in both of the lists (Ordinal and Business), you can add it here.
  2. Administrator or Operator on Duty will review your submission and add service to the list if relevant.
  3. If you have an account here, you will get the answer on TICKETS PAGE
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