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■ Dear clients! In order to receive verification codes from Telegram as SMS, on any number of any country YOU MUST USE MOBILE TELEGRAM APPLICATION! If you don't have such a possibility, please write us a ticket with request to help with registration. We do it for free!

Privacy Policy

VirtualSIM.net Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a part of an Agreement between us, VirtualSIM.net service (We, The Service) and you (You, Client), who use The Service to purchase phone numbers for SMS verification codes reception for registering or verifying various web services accounts (Web Services). The Privacy Policy covers the rules of Client's data storage and processing.

1. No private information about Client is required. The sufficient amount of Client's data is login and password pair. Passwords are encrypted and are known to Client only.

2. Client may provide us with additional contact information, such as email and or messenger id. This information is stored for an emergency cases only or for the incoming contacts sender identification, and never for sending anything else at all.

3. All information related to Client is never used for any other purposes than providing the service.

4. Infromation about Client might be disclosed only by court request from Iceland, where the site is located, or, if it is related to ASEAN countries or China residents and or services, by court requests of the respective country from the region.

5. The Service's website does not contain any third-party sites' insets like counters, advertisement blocks etc. The only exception is Google CAPTCHA on Feedback page, and it is covered by Google's Privacy Policy.

6. The only cookie used is a hash value to keep Client logged in. No other cookies are used.

7. Provided phone numbers are never used by The Service to access any of Client's Web Services accouns. Codes from incoming SMS are never passed to any third party. SIM cards related to Client's Web Services are never re-sold or re-used. Though, if leasing term is over, The Service may cease it's balance refill and the card might be deactivated by cellular operator with further re-issue for sale.

8. The Service stores your IP and browser string data for the site security purposes for a limited time (up to two months).

9. Information on your account, such as payments log, orders log, chats log, tickets log, visits data might be deleted by your request at any time, made in chat or via ticket. Complete or partial data cleanup might take from ten minutes up to one day (automatic cleanup system to be introduced). However, data might remain in database backup for up to two months, until the old backups with your data will be replaced with the new ones, without it.

10. This Privacy Policy might be changed; in such case, it will be announced on the main page