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Admin in chat 11-15 GMT (ex.SA) WAIT 0102
Full service 11-19 GMT (SA:15-19) WAIT 0102
Extended plan 07-22 GMT WORK 1302
New orders only Additional time WORK 0902
■ Attention! ANDROID plan is out of stock till the end of July. If you need 24 hours a day access, there are AUTOMATIC numbers available.
■ Clean RUSSIAN numbers are available again
■ Dear clients! In order to register Telegram on any number of any country YOU MUST USE MOBILE TELEGRAM APPLICATION! If you don't have such a possibility, please write us a ticket with request to help with registration. We do it for free!

Cookies usage policy

VirtualSIM Cookies usage policy

If you don't intend to log in, create an order or leave a feedback, there are no cookies used.

Cookies are used in the following cases:

1. CAPTCHA on Sign up and Create Order pages
Random number (PHPSESSID) is used to pass you through "not-a-robot" verification process. It is not assosicated with you or stored anywhere, and removed when you close your browser.

2. When you log in using your correct login and password
Two cookies, user and seed, are created. They have your login name and specifically encrypted password information, respectively. Cookies have one week validity period or deleted when you log out using the "Exit" button.

3. Google reCaptcha is used on "Feedback" page and covered by Google Privacy Policy.

As a healthy security measure, you should set up your browser to "delete cookies on exit", therefore, you will avoid all the Big Brothers and Sisters privacy threats.