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Posted by: Admin
November, 24, 2015 15:54
Theanonsmsman, there's no interface to buy online, you have to contact the operator
Posted by: Theanonsmsman
November, 21, 2015 19:44
Hey there i wanna buy numbers to receive messages. can't find the link where to buy? thx
Posted by: saedi
November, 11, 2015 02:19
hi dear
I need to activate the 1000 number Daily to activate the telegram please to announce the price and method of payment and activation numbers and SMS
Posted by: Admin
October, 27, 2015 15:13
Sorry, no bulk activations for Telegram (have 12 Telegram-free numbers only).
Posted by: Du Nguyen
October, 20, 2015 10:12
Hello, i need bulk phone number(500-1000)daily to activate Naver.com, please announce me price and method to receive sms
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